"Glass Fire Poi" is a experimental short film directed by Ted Roach that melds performance and sculpture in a way that has never been done.  Conceived, produced, and created by Jonathan Michael Davis and sponsored by Glass Torch Technologies, “Glass Fire Poi” merges glassblowing, fire breathing, and poi spinning, also known as flow arts. Poi refers to both a style of performance art and the equipment used in poi performance. It involves swinging tethered kevlar wicks through a variety of rhythmic and geometric patterns.  Although poi have been made from many types of material, glass has not been one of them, until now.  With a durable Kevlar wick made in collaboration with Synergy Flow Arts, the glass fire poi© are thin, lightweight, and created with multiple orifices and vacant spaces. This allows the flames to undulate and escape as the air and movement accelerate the burning of the wick. To use a glass fire poi©, the spinner must be proficient in their execution and the performer’s use of glass fire poi© exhibits their mastery of the technique. Starring Phoenix Drako, Mike Jarvis, Meli Markham, and Jonathan Davis.

Photos 3 and 8 by Christer Berg

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